Sunday, 24 July 2016

Creating a New Card Game

This blog will aim to be a log of my thoughts and the processes of getting a new card game I've created off the ground.  I've never created a card game before, much less actually got one professionally printed and sold to bona-fide paying customers, and as of writing this it's still a long way off.  However, in this day and age of t'internet, it's now much easier to get something created, so the main obstacle will be to ensure that it's financially viable.

By the way, the game is called Rudeness Rulez (with a 'z') and it's a children's card game with the emphasis on 'rudeness'.  Nothing too crude, but as a parent of 2 boys under 10, it includes the kind of words that they enjoy using all the time: fart, poo, bottom etc...  And the game can claim to be mildly educational as well, which is always a bonus, and being a card game it will promote human interaction.  What more could you want for your kids?

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