Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Getting it Printed

The playtesting worked great.  Over a week or so we played lots of games, and the kids thought it was great fun.  I had to tweak a few of the cards to make the phrases more interesting and natural, and also think of a few more good "ending" words, but apart from that it didn't need much tweaking.  The kids were helpful in this respect, although I had to convince the younger one that having our names on the cards wasn't a great idea as no-one else would know who we were.

So, the next step is to look into getting it printed.  The main thing that got me onto this road of creating a proper card game was discovering The Game Crafter.  In a nutshell, they will create/print your game for you, and they will also sell it for you if you want.  All you have to do is upload the art.  One thing that has always prevented me from creating games is that I'm no good at art, but Rudeness Rulez is a word game, so very little art is required.

So, how to create the artwork?  As luck would have it, I'm a professional programmer.  I decided to write a program that would read in the list of words that will appear on the cards, and for each one, generate a front and back image of various colours.  This took a bit of work, what with having to scale the fonts appropriately and word wrap the longer text, but I've now got a program that will generate 200 images (for 100 cards) in about a minute.

I'll also need to think about creating the artwork for the box, but that can wait for another day.

Using the excellent Game Crafter system, all I had to do was upload all the files (ensuring they are in the right order so the fronts and the back line up).  It turns out that to print my cards (including the box) will cost about $14, excluding postage.  And then I hit a problem where I thought my plans were entirely scuppered.

(I should mention at this stage that I'm based in the UK).  Yes, it only costs $14 to create it, but about another 26$ to send it to me.  $40 for a card game?  And that's the cost price!  The only way I could sell it at that price would be to call it iCardGame.

There's nothing for it, I decided.  I've spent several weeks creating this game, and I think it's good enough to work hard for it, so I sent an email to every local printing business and every card printer in the UK, nay the world (the one's on the first page a Google results, anyway) to see if there was a cheaper option.  It would be a shame, since The Game Crafter seemed absolutely ideal for my needs.  However, it seems my prayers were answered... (TBC).

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