Monday, 25 July 2016

Prototyping the Game

The good thing about cards games, as opposed to full-on board games, is that they are very easy to prototype.  All you need is a pack of blank cards, which I bought from E-Bay, and a pen, and I had one of those lying around already.  The third thing you need which cannot usually be bought is players to play it with.

Thankfully, this being a kids game and me having a couple of kids who have to do exactly as I say cos I'm their dad, that was another easy problem to solve.  Also thankfully, since this game does use words which kids would class as "rude", it was not difficult to persuade them to play it.  In fact, they keep pestering me to play it again and again, no doubt because it gives them a free license to say "rude" words.

Anyway, here is a picture of a few of my prototype cards:-

Don't let the handwriting put you off (my handwriting has been generally awful since I was a child).  I've created about 100 cards for the game, but part of prototyping it will be to help decide how many cards the game actually needs.  The next step is to play as many games as possible and if the game mechanics work.

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