Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Rudeness Rulez - Print'n'Play UK Edition

I've just released a Print'n'Play edition of Rudeness Rulez which can be downloaded for free.  A Print'n'Play (or P'n'P as those of us in the know call it) is a printable version of the game, so you don't even need to buy it to enjoy the fun.  The link to download is in the sidebar of this blog ->.  All you need to do is Print it out and Play it.  You don't even need a colour printer, just a pair of scissor to cut each card out.

It comes in the form of a few separate pages of PDFs, including one sheet for all the backs of the cards (since they're all the same), and several sheets for all the fronts of the cards, and also some brief instructions.  100 cards in all.  Please let me know what you think.

As I've mentioned before, or as you might have guessed by the way I spelt 'colour' in the first paragraph, I'm based in the UK and so some of the words in the game might not have the same (or any) meaning in other countries.  If you're not British and want to spread the fun, it would be great if you could send in your local equivalent colloquialisms.  If I get enough words covered for any particular translation, e.g. American, I'll release a P'n'P edition for that.


  1. Hey, we Canadians spell colour that way too, eh

    1. Thanks. Apart from that word, does the American version qualify as Canadian eh?