Friday, 12 August 2016

Second Prototype on its way

Now that I've finally designed the tuckbox, I've finally ordered my prototype copy of Rudeness Rulez! from The Game Crafter in the US.  Even though it cost $14 for the game and another $26 to get it delivered, I consider it a neccessary evil, since if this game is going to be sold in America, it will be much cheaper to get it printed and posted from America than for me to post it from here in the UK.  I chose the cheapest form of delivery as well, so I'm not expecting it to get here for a few weeks.  It will be interesting to compare the quality of the two prototypes.

Delivery is obviously going to be the biggest challenge, probably harder than creating the game itself.  If I do a Kickstarter, I'll presumably use Game Crafter for all the US orders and probably Game Maker for all the European orders.  However, I'm going to have to hope that I get enough orders for both territorys to enable me to get discount for quantities from each supplier.  And how much will it cost to deliver to other countries?  And do I include delivery costs in the Kickstarter, without knowing where in the world the customer lives?  That will mean charging a flat rate for everyone, regardless of their location. 

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